About Ros Capper

Ros Capper enjoys pioneering initiatives. Early examples still in play include New Mother Support Groups, the Tall Poppies Consultancy (now Thought Partners), The Natural Step environmental education model and Co Counselling International.

She was a palliative Carer for her husband Mike for over three years. Ros found her early nursing training did not entirely prepare her for this home-based experience. Grief, the lack of certainty and the lack of information by people who had been in this situation contributed to the challenge. A ‘home team’ of neighbours, family and friends sustained their family. After Mike died, Ros began to explore her experience.

The University of Auckland Te Arai Palliative Care and End of Life Research Group invited Ros to become a co researcher with their team, supporting her pioneering work of joining with other ‘accidental carer’ families to write of what they learned.