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Becoming an ‘accidental carer’ can be a shock. Checking choices others make in this situation is a useful first step. The focus of this book is on non- medical care, ‘the glue holding things together’. Highly practical, it has an examples of the daily routine care of an ill person at home and advocates attracting a Home Team to support both the main palliative Carer and the ill person.

The Accidental Carer, a practical guide through uncertainty by palliative home carers is non- judgemental - ‘it is what it is’. Ros advises perfection is not required in new territory in which family, friends, and professional people are all doing their best. Things are likely to go pear-shaped at times. Caring for the carer is very important and examples of what this could mean in practice are included.

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Within palliative care, it remains rare to hear directly from the real experts in caring – the families and friends of the person diagnosed with an end of life illness. This book adds crucial new information from palliative home carers about what improved their caring experience.

Professor Merryn Gott, Director
Te Arai Palliative Care and End of Life Research Group, University of Auckland.

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